A bit about cockbeads

27 Mar

The cock beads on my sideboard are actually a very lengthy and finicky process.
I first rabbeted everything the thickness of the cockbead material and then I proceed to fit the pieces. Unlike most I am not forming the bead profile ahead of time. I am over sizing my pieces in width around a 16th or so. I am creating an even reveal and profiling them at the same time after they are glued on. On the end of an old card scraper I have filed in my profile which i will use to scratch the beads. I round over the bottom edge to stop it from cutting which allows it to essentially stop at the depth of the profile no matter how uneven the surface it is riding over.
I glued on my sides first and then fit the top and bottom. Cutting the miters is easy enough by hand with a good carefully made ramp block and a sharp chisel. I have done it both ways now and I have found doing the fitting in this order is much easier.






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