Planning my next project

18 Mar

With my sideboard swiftly nearing its end I have already started thinking about my next project. I hate down time and this one will involve investment to make so I thought better start thinking about it sooner then later.
It is a school project however because I am involved I a mentoring group with garret hack, I will be working on the design and some construction details in depth with him.
The piece will a be a tall case clock. I am going to be basing it off of a few different examples of English clocks and Simon Willard clocks that appeal to me. I will be mixing elements, changing proportion and adding in details of my own. I am really honored that I get to make this piece at school alongside lance Patterson who is a master clock maker, as well as designing it with garret hack who I view as a master of contemporary federal design. A real wonderful opportunity which I hope you will all follow me in!
Here are some photos of some clocks and elements inspiring me.






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