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The list grows

29 Mar

My list of current projects is growing longer and longer. I love having multiple things going because it prevents any lapses in work, however I am quickly approaching my limit. In addition to the Chippendale chair and my sideboard I have now added two fairly interesting commission pieces. I am reproducing a cherry cabinet for a wonderful client and I have just been asked by Dan lance and Steve to do a fairly complex inlay commission for a museum at old Sturbridge village. I’ll be busy for a long time and it will make for some really interesting blogging.


A bit about cockbeads

27 Mar

The cock beads on my sideboard are actually a very lengthy and finicky process.
I first rabbeted everything the thickness of the cockbead material and then I proceed to fit the pieces. Unlike most I am not forming the bead profile ahead of time. I am over sizing my pieces in width around a 16th or so. I am creating an even reveal and profiling them at the same time after they are glued on. On the end of an old card scraper I have filed in my profile which i will use to scratch the beads. I round over the bottom edge to stop it from cutting which allows it to essentially stop at the depth of the profile no matter how uneven the surface it is riding over.
I glued on my sides first and then fit the top and bottom. Cutting the miters is easy enough by hand with a good carefully made ramp block and a sharp chisel. I have done it both ways now and I have found doing the fitting in this order is much easier.





Hardware and burritos

21 Mar

Yesterday I received my hinges and half mortise door locks from Ball and Ball. I am extremely pleased with the speed of the shipping as well as the high quality of the actual components and their screws. I was also happy to see that the locks each came with 2 keys. Not sure why this got my excited but I guess I just love small perks. Overall this being my first experience with them l will absolutely be returning.

Also it’s very ironic how when I physically go to Boloco for a delicious burrito bowl I NEVER remember to use my points card. I did realize yesterday however that this card works extremely well for setting door gaps. It’s around double the thickness of a T pass which is my usual choice so
It allows me to butt the door to one end and go. Maybe next time I can remember it at lunch.




Planning my next project

18 Mar

With my sideboard swiftly nearing its end I have already started thinking about my next project. I hate down time and this one will involve investment to make so I thought better start thinking about it sooner then later.
It is a school project however because I am involved I a mentoring group with garret hack, I will be working on the design and some construction details in depth with him.
The piece will a be a tall case clock. I am going to be basing it off of a few different examples of English clocks and Simon Willard clocks that appeal to me. I will be mixing elements, changing proportion and adding in details of my own. I am really honored that I get to make this piece at school alongside lance Patterson who is a master clock maker, as well as designing it with garret hack who I view as a master of contemporary federal design. A real wonderful opportunity which I hope you will all follow me in!
Here are some photos of some clocks and elements inspiring me.





A simple veneer shooting board

16 Mar

A simple way to shoot straight edges on veneer fast and easy! I made a shooting board essentially that hooks on my bench. It’s long because I am typically shooting long lengths of veneer for stringing and inlays using my low angle jack or in some cases a number 7.
In order to hold the veneer in place I have glued 100 grit sandpaper to a equally long piece of half in mdf. This allows me to push down on the veneer while I’m shooting it and eliminate any sliding and shifting that could occur. This also allows me to orient the veneer in any position I need in the case of doing wedge shape pieces or other odd shapes.
A quick simple solution to something fundamental.



Use of shellac before finishing

15 Mar

I have been finding it extremely useful lately to use a wash coat of shellac on details. Notice that. I have shellacked all the inlaid areas of the sideboard legs. It occurred to me when I was constantly the holly details from picking up dirt and dust of random colors that why not just shellac them roughly. They were already planed and ready to go so why not seal them off and forget about them? Also some drawer photos.




Nearing the end

15 Mar

My sideboard is finally nearing completion. Now is the time in a project where I need to stay focused because being so close to completion it can be easy for the tendency to rush to the finish to set In and cause the end result to really lack.
The last 30 percent of the project is the part I feel where extra care should be taken. This is where it all comes together. One missed step here can really cost the whole project it’s dignity.
All that’s left is the fitting of the doors and drawers. Some veneer work cock beads the top and the back boards. Although that seems like quite a bit, if all go’s as planed it will go quick. Here are some recent photos of the progress.